ACSEA to AfDB: Put Renewable Energy First in COVID-19 plan

The Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access (ACSEA) – a PACJA thematic initiative – has urged the African Development Bank (AfDB) to prioritize sustainable, renewable energy access in the bank’s COVID-19 recovery strategy. In a letter to the banks Directors as they meet for the Annual General Assembly in August, ACSEA and partners of Big Shift global argued: “Given the intensity of the COVID-19 crisis in Africa, speeding up progress on distributed renewable energy, including clean cooking, is even more important to reduce the health impacts of air pollution from polluting fuels, as well as promoting renewable energy to generate jobs and secure livelihoods in the recovery from the crisis. A strategic approach that includes ambitious targets for increasing energy access for millions of people and increasing the levels of investment of the AFDB, is very necessary at this point. Such a clear strategy will be very welcome by the African CSOs and citizens especially if it focuses on off-grid and mini-grid renewable energy and the need to accelerate progress on clean cooking.

Full Letter

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