Among other things, African civil society organizations (CSOs) have asked the World Bank to ensure electricity connections go up in the bank’s proposal for energy access on the continent dubbed Energy LEAP.

Africa has one of the lowest electrification rates in the world, with more than 600 million people without electricity and about 900 million with no access to clean cooking.

In a letter to World Bank directors, the CSOs acting under the canopy on ACSEA said:

“The targets for electricity connections from off-grid and mini-grid renewable energy and clean cooking need to be very high to reach one out of every two people without electricity and 890 million people without clean cooking in Africa.

‘Furthermore, clean cooking fuels would reduce indoor air pollution (currently The third-largest killer in sub-Saharan Africa) and reduce the root cause of massive deforestation which
exacerbates catastrophic climate change.” Download full statement


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