African journalists are invited to apply for a two-day Webinar on Reporting the Energy Transition in Africa billed for 14 and 15 December 2021. The Webinar is co-organised by Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access (ACSEA); the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA); and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) within the framework of a project dubbed Africa Energy Transition (AET).


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    The world is experiencing some of its most extreme weather patterns on record: from floods and intense rains to heat waves.
    Greenhouse gases from human activity, like burning fossil fuels and generating electricity, are contributing significantly to these hazards. Africa has been responsible for less than 4 percent of the emissions but it’s by far the most vulnerable region to the effects of climate change. Among these, experts predict that most parts of the continent will experience much drier conditions. That’s already the case in parts of northern Kenya, which have not seen rain for more than a year.

  2. I wish to be part of this training , for a believe it shall enhance my skills, in reporting Energy related stories to my audience.

    • I recently picked interest in climate change related topics with its effect on the eniviroment as my focus. This Because of the how these affects both Humans and animals. I desire to build capacity to tell better environment stories. I am hopeful that this opportunity if given, will enable me horn my skills.

      • It is quite absurd to see that despite the escalating global warming, humans are continuing to degrade the environment at an unprecedented speed. This calls for serious action. And media senstization is key. If granted this chance, i will invest my advocacy prowess in campaigning against environmental degradation through my articles.

  3. I have covered matters to do with science and environment for the last 10 years. The training will bolster my capability to do more stories towards that end, hence contributing positively to among other things sustainable development goals.

    • I will appreciate if I’ll be chosen to be part of the training as I like getting new ideas.

      I have done a lot of stories in line with this and I believe that after the training I can do something different as only few Journalists in Zambia have been trained in this field.

    • I am an environmental and energy Journalist with much interest in Climate Change issues, environment, the extractive industry including Fisheries.
      I was adjudged the Journalist of the year in the Energy sector by the prestigious Ghana Energy Awards in November this year with a story on discovery of Lithium in a large quantity in Ghana which could be a game changer and the need for transparency and accountability, taking into consideration how revenue from other mineral resources have been poorly handled by authorities. Following the changes in Climate and issues of carbon emissions, world leaders and automobile Companies are departing from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles where Lithium is needed for the manufacturing of these electric cars. My stories aim educate my audience on the need to transition from their old ways of doing things and adjust to environmental friendly behaviours. For instance, the née to adopt modern methods of farming, adaptation of green building technologies . I am a
      witness to the devastating effects Climate Change is having on Coastal communities as their homes are taken over by the sea as a result of sea level rise . I am sure , with the up-coming training workshop, I would learn more about ways to do more impactful stories in various areas within the energy and environmental sub-sectors, when am considered fir the opportunity. Thanks

    • I wish to be one among this training for the purpose of improvement my Skills about environment, Energy and Climate Change stories

      • I prefer to be the one of this training in order to improve my environment, Energy and Climate Change Stories Skill

  4. I would like to be among the team of journalists who will be selected to attend this training, because in Tanzania we have major energy projects, such as the Nyerere Hydro electric Power Project (NHPP) which when completed is expected to generate 2115 megawatts.

    But we have also Mtwara gas project and many others, Songosongo etc.

    The training will enable me to cover how this project will overcome the problem of power outages in Tanzania and also in other African countries who can also benefit from this projects.

  5. Looking at how need for energy in form of charcoal has impacted on the population of once precious Shea Nuts trees in Otuke and Alebtong districts located in the eastern part of Lira district, and how charcoal burning has depopulated tree population in Acholi Sub Region, northern Uganda, I picked interest in Environment and Energy reporting and I believe this training will go a long way to making my efforts to save our crying environment through the different platforms we have in Vision Group.

  6. I am so interested in enhancing my skills in reporting about climate change and i wish to be part of this training for i believe will impart me with relevant knowledge to serve our community effectively.

  7. I hope to take part in this training among the few lucky journalists because without stable climate, the economy is in the dilemma in years to come.

    The government has tried its best to defend the environment but this has not been beneficial since We Ugandans are taking this for granted in favour for our own survival but killing the whole tomorrow!

  8. I have covered matters to do with the effects of cutting down tress in rural areas which has also contributed to the drastic effect of climate change in the 2years I have been in the media sector

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