A Factsheet for Civil Society: Renewable Energy for a Decentralised, People-Centred Energy Transition in Africa

What is a Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) system?
A decentralized energy system (DRE) describes a system, in which energy production facilities and the site of energy consumption are located in close proximity. These DRE systems vary in sizes and range from an installed power capacity of 1 W (single solar lamp) to an installed power capacity of up to 2 MW (large mini-grid). A DRE system allows for more optimal use of renewable energy as well as combined heat and power, reduces fossil fuel use, and increases eco-efficiency. The local distribution grid can work independently
from the main grid (also referred to as off-grid) or can be connected to the main grid. Domestic, institutional, or commercial consumers are sourcing electricity from one or several generation units in the region. This factsheet focuses primarily on off-grid DRE systems. Download Full Factsheet

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