UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY September 13 – 26, 2022 – New York

The African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) was launched at COP 21 in Paris (in 2015) to address the various challenges related to sustainable energy in Africa.AREI represents a significant Africa-led and owned effort to accelerate and scale up the domestication of the continent’s enormous renewable energy potential. The abundantly available renewable energy solutions provide the opportunity to meet the energy needs of communities, farms, businesses, industries and households in an inclusive, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner while creating millions of jobs and supporting the development of local industries. AREI constitutes important support for the efforts of the African continent in the fight against climate change. Thus, for phase 1 (2015-2020), AREI has succeeded in its ambitious project for the deployment of renewable energies in Africa, with 10 GW of production capacities in 2020. In addition to the acceleration of investments and access to finance through project labelling and adoption, AREI has provided technical support to African countries to create appropriate ecosystems to attract public and private investment.Download Concept Note.

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