PRESS RELEASE: Call for Bold Action at COP28 Amidst Concerns Over Conference Credibility

With the commencement of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Dubai, the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) reiterates its steadfast dedication to advocating for effective measures addressing the urgent climate challenges faced by the African continent and the global community.

Amidst the heightened global focus on climate issues, PACJA expresses deep reservations regarding the credibility of COP28, particularly due to concerning connections between the COP President-Designate, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, and the fossil fuel industry. Recent allegations of the President-Designate potentially exploiting the conference for oil and gas deals worldwide cast a shadow over the proceedings.

PACJA maintains its stance against Sultan Al Jaber’s suitability to lead COP28 and urges all involved parties to uphold principles of transparency, accountability, and impartiality, ensuring that the outcomes genuinely reflect the global commitment to combat climate change.

Africa, despite contributing minimally to global greenhouse gas emissions, bears disproportionate impacts of climate change. PACJA calls for immediate, substantial action to rectify the inadequate adaptation measures for the continent, stressing that any credible COP decision must acknowledge and address the historical injustices faced by African nations.

PACJA expresses deep reservations about the decision to house the loss and damage fund under the World Bank, an institution with a history of policies contributing to the economic decline of Southern countries. Insisting on a more neutral and accountable body closer to affected communities, PACJA calls for fair and just compensation for affected nations and emphasizes that funding for losses and damages must not be voluntary but a commitment from developed countries.

The Alliance underscores the urgent need to operationalize the global goal on adaptation at COP28, urging a significant increase in climate finance to Africa with a specific focus on adaptation. PACJA calls for a departure from tradition, advocating for grant-based climate financing to align with developed countries’ commitment to deliver climate finance in grant form.

Beyond concerns about COP28’s credibility, adaptation, and finance issues, PACJA highlights the pivotal role of a comprehensive and transparent Global Stock Take. As an essential component of the Paris Agreement, PACJA calls on COP28 to prioritize enhancing the Global Stock Take mechanism, ensuring a comprehensive and fair evaluation of global efforts to address the climate crisis.

In the final stages, PACJA urges inclusive and equitable participation in the Global Stock Take process, reflecting the perspectives of all nations, especially the most vulnerable, such as African countries. The Alliance emphasizes the need for a recommitment by developed countries to emission reduction and providing adequate support for developing nations to enhance resilience through adaptation measures.

PACJA unequivocally rejects false solutions and delay tactics that undermine genuine progress in the fight against climate change. The Alliance urges parties to dismiss approaches that merely pay lip service to environmental concerns and calls for collective commitment to immediate, science-based action rooted in justice and Paris Agreement principles.

PACJA remains committed to fostering a just and equitable global response to the climate crisis, urging all parties at COP28 to prioritize the needs of vulnerable populations globally, demonstrate genuine commitment to climate justice, and collaborate for a sustainable future for all.

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