African Development Bank’s Civil Society Event Highlights Urgency of Inclusive Transformation

The African Development Bank Group’s 2024 Annual Meetings have commenced with a powerful civil society side event, emphasizing the critical role of grassroots engagement in Africa’s development. In his opening remarks, Dr. Augustine Njamnshi, Chair of the Bank-Civil Society Coalition on Climate and Energy, underscored the imperative of collaboration between the Bank and civil society to drive meaningful, inclusive transformation across the continent.

A Call for Inclusive Development

Addressing a diverse audience, Dr Njamnshi highlighted the event’s significance as a platform for open, people-centred dialogue. He praised the Bank’s commitment to listening, learning, and partnering with civil society, stating, “Our collaboration exemplifies the power of partnership where every voice matters and every contribution counts.”

He acknowledged establishing the Bank-Civil Society Committee and the Bank-Civil Society Coalition on Climate and Energy as a testament to this commitment. These entities aim to ensure that development initiatives are inclusive, transparent, and accountable, reflecting the diverse needs of the communities they serve.

Key Priorities for Africa’s Future

Dr. Njamnshi articulated several key priorities that emerged from the discussions, which are poised to shape Africa’s path forward:

  1. Unstoppable Transformation: From bustling markets to innovative tech hubs, Africa is on an undeniable trajectory of growth. Dr. Njamnshi stressed that economic development must be inclusive, ensuring that no one is left behind.
  2. Reform of the Global Financial Architecture: Describing the reform as an imperative, he called for financial structures that are fair, equitable, and responsive to Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities. He urged collective advocacy to influence these necessary changes.
  3. Civil Society Action Plan 2024-2028: This new plan, developed with extensive civil society participation, serves as a roadmap for translating commitments into tangible actions. Dr. Njamnshi emphasized the need to move from strategy to real-world impact through collaborative efforts.

Addressing Critical Challenges

The dialogue also focused on critical areas such as climate finance, energy transition, rechanneling of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), and debt sustainability. Dr Njamnshi highlighted the importance of civil society’s insights and expertise in these domains, advocating for innovative solutions to deliver climate adaptation finance at scale and speed.

“In a joint statement at COP28, the Civil Society Coalition on Climate and Energy supported the Bank’s call for channelling SDRs for climate financing through the African Development Bank,” he noted, stressing the urgency of stepping up climate adaptation finance with anticipatory measures.

Inclusive and Accountable Reforms

Dr. Njamnshi underscored the vital role of civil society in ensuring that reforms are inclusive and consider the perspectives of youth, women, and vulnerable populations. “Our voices are essential in driving reforms that build resilience and create opportunities for all Africans,” he stated.

A Vision for the Future

In a rousing conclusion, Dr. Njamnshi invoked the spirit of Nelson Mandela, reminding attendees that “it always seems impossible until it is done.” He expressed optimism and determination, urging a collaborative approach to realize Africa’s potential and empower its people.

The event also set the stage for the upcoming Civil Society Forum in October 2024, which will continue these crucial discussions and operationalize the priorities outlined. Dr. Njamnshi is committed to working with the entire African civil society ecosystem to establish a community of practice, driving forward the continent’s transformation with passion and purpose.

“Africa’s transformation is in motion,” he declared. “It’s unstoppable!”


The African Development Bank’s engagement with civil society at this pivotal event highlights a shared vision for a prosperous and inclusive future. Through collaborative efforts and a focus on transparent, accountable development, the Bank and civil society are poised to make significant strides in addressing Africa’s challenges and opportunities.

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