Welcome to the membership portal of the Cameroon Climate Change Working Group


The Cameroon Climate Change Working Group (3CWG) is a coalition of civil society organizations in Cameroon, brought together by the common goal of promoting and advocating for climate-friendly and equity-based development. Drawing its membership from
Non-governmental organizations,
Foundations, Trusts, Community-based organizations, faith-based networks, national coalitions and regional networks; 3CWG aims to unify isolated civil society efforts on climate change advocacy and coordination in Cameroon, so as to ensure that pro-poor and people-centred response measures are put into consideration as the Cameroon government seeks to mainstream climate change into national development strategies.
In pursuing its mandate, 3CWG collaborates and encourages strategic alliances with international partners, national governments, regional governmental bodies, and individuals sharing its aspirations, to ensure that the Cameroonian voice is amplified in global climate change dialogue processes. The Alliance works with like-minded partners from the North and the South, so as to ensure that the resultant framework agreed upon by the community of nations after the conclusion of the ongoing, yet acrimonious international climate change dialogue process is not only equitable but also a product of massive consultation, responsive to the realities of vulnerable communities.


By joining our coalition, you will have the opportunity to increasingly gain recognition as a legitimate Cameroonian civil society platform on climate change and sustainable development. As a member of the working group, you will benefit from the strengths and experience of a diverse and growing number of organizations at the national level. More specifically, you are able:

  1. To maintain liaison and facilitation, whether by meetings, correspondence, or otherwise with member organizations and to encourage and promote climate-related and
    sustainable development initiatives that benefit the members and stakeholders.
  2. To mobilize and build the capacity of your organization through the technical assistance that 3CWG provides.
  3. To improve coordination and information dissemination with Cameroon and other African stakeholders around networks on the issues of climate justice
  4. To help formulate and promote a strong pro-poor development position to enable the Cameroonian government and negotiators to effectively articulate and represent the Cameroonian voice, concerns and perspectives.
  5. To share advocacy and campaigning experience and coordinate with other like-minded networks.
  6. To team up expertise, support, engage in, conduct and foster research and investigations into climate change and its impact on communities in Cameroon.
  7. To learn and share best practices on issues related to climate change and sustainable development within Cameroon and beyond.


As a member of the Cameroon Climate Change Working Group, you are committed to:

  • Supporting the mission and objectives of the working group as outlined in our Statutes,
  • Sharing relevant information related to key UNCCC meetings such as AWG, SBSTA and COPs with the network,
  • Participating in the General Assembly,
  • Promoting the activities of the working group in your region and with your partners,
  • Contributing to the working group’s sustainability by paying annual fees.


Please fill out the Application Form below then send it to 3CWG Secretariat, by e-mail to recruitment@acsea54.org or by post to:

3CWG is currently hosted by the African Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access
Rue du lere Colonel, Quartier Damas BP 25284 Yaoundé, Cameroon

The Secretariat will provide your application documentation to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will assess your application against the requirements of 3CWG The committee may request additional information from you.
The Executive Committee meets four times a year and will consider your application, if complete, as soon as possible. The Executive Committee recommends new members for final approval, by a vote of the membership, at the General Assembly.