Transformation. Transition. Access

Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy & Access (ACSEA) is an alliance of various organizations drawn from the Civil Society (CSOs), Business/Private sector, academia and research institutions promoting renewable energy, energy transformation and access in the continent of Africa. Hosted by the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), the coalition was established in April 2016 at the sidelines of the African Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN) during the stakeholders’ consultative meeting. A steering committee comprised of 14 representatives drawn from women organizations working on energy, international organizations, youth, academia and private sector runs the network. The Network also works with the Pan-African Parliamentarian Network on Climate Change (PAPNCC).


ACSEA envisions a future in which Africa’s energy needs are met through low-carbon, sustainable and decentralized energy access to all, particularly the poor.


The mission of ACSEA is to build and sustain a movement of like-minded organizations working together and individually to influence energy policies and investments that guarantee clean, reliable, affordable access by all and are aligned with the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy production and consumption in Africa


We are driven by the passion of the beauty of unity in diversity of the peoples of the African continent that are rising to take the Continent’s destiny into their own hands and writing its own history from a Pan African perspective


Promotion of energy and climate research in Africa, particularly generating evidence to inform energy access and climate policy

Establishment and updating best-practice guidelines in sustainable energy investment in Africa, based on the best available evidence

Identification and promotion of the next generation of leaders in sustainable energy in Africa by embarking on capacity building, leadership training and education

Designing sustainable and innovative interventions that will improve access to energy for people and communities in Africa, regardless of their socio-economic status

Establishment of partnerships and networks with other Organisations (public-private, private-private, national, international, regional, global) for energy access and development in Africa

Facilitation and Advocacy activities for energy access and development in Africa

Public education and sensitization on sustainable energy, in order to push Africa into unlocking

itself from its current suffocating fossil-based development box that has no future


To increase sustainable energy access to the poor especially those in the rural areas by advocating and demonstrating inclusive policies and investments

To increase the involvement and participation of citizens in energy policy development through a strong civil society movement.

To influence national governments as well as strategic regional development bodies such as the African Development Bank (AfDB) to prioritize policies that will secure investment in the sustainable energy sector as well as improving access to energy by the energy poor communities.

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