Project Portfolio

A short look at our work

Ensuring a People-Centered Energy Transition in Africa Through Civil Society Engagement

This project emphasises the important role CSO’s have to play in ensuring a Just-Transition partway that focuses on the African people. 

The Six30 Campaign

The Six30 Campaign aims to mobilise and enlist public and private donors to substantially increase funding and investments in renewable energy projects across the continent by investing $630 billion to get 630 million people in SSA out of darkness by 2030

YAF Africa Initiative

The Youth For Adaptation Finance In Africa Initiative aims to mobilize African youths from diverse backgrounds and regions to advocate for a fair adaptation financing system for Africa.


Supporting Needs-Based Advocacy on Adaptation In Africa.

The project aims to elevate needs-based adaptation in global and regional policy spaces and contribute significantly to increasing global, regional, and national ambition on adaptation that respond to Africa’s special needs and circumstances.


Galvanising And Unifying Africa’s Action For Resilient Development In The Era Of The Pandemic

Catalyse conversations towards the acceleration of the nationally determined contributions (NDCS) implementation and overall climate action.